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A MESSAGE from FATE 2017 Biennial Conference Organizers:

The Kansas City Art Institute thankfully acknowledges the efforts and contributions of the FATE Board and the many FATE members, volunteers, and presenters who dedicated their time, energy and intellect to making the 16th Biennial Conference in Kansas City a success.

Through these collaborative dialogues and experiences, the conference continues to fulfill its goals and mission of bringing people together to share ideas, challenge pedagogical concerns, influence future work, and to meet new colleagues and friends.  “Beyond the Core” was a testament to FATE’s community of artists, educators, and scholars, and we are truly honored to have been part of the conference as facilitators and participants.  See you all in Columbus!


Steve Snell & Caleb Taylor

Co-Vice Presidents of Biennial Conference, Kansas City Art Institute, Foundation Department


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FATE's 17th Biennial Conference will be hosted by 

 in Columbus, Ohio on April 4th-6th, 2019

Please check back for many updates to come!




Past Conference: Beyond the Core 

FATE 2017 KCAI Logo Beyond the CoreKCAI’s Foundations Department  hosted Beyond the Core, FATE's 16th Biennial Conference from April 6th - 8th, 2017 at thIntercontinental at the Plaza in Kansas City. There FATE members gathered as leading voices in fundamental art and design instruction and examined place, geography, introspective and reflexive actions, pedagogical values, and the potency of origins across the world.  

Artist and Author Enrique Martínez Celaya was keynote speaker & in partnership with FATE, Integrative Teaching International (ITI) offered The Foundations Core: Evolution and Endurancea ThinkCatalyst intensive prior to the Biennial FATE conference. Special thanks to Steve Snell & Caleb Taylor of KCAI for making this event such a tremendous success! 



 FATE KCAI 2017 Digital Program



FATE 2017 Abstracts



MEMBERSHIP POLICY  All Session Chairs and Presenters must be current members of FATE by February 15th of the conference year to ensure that their sessions and abstracts are published in the conference program. 

CONFERENCE PRESENTER POLICY  Any participant juried into the conference proceedings is welcome to chair 1 session and/or present a paper during 1 session only.  If they choose to do both, they can do so for the same or different sessions. 

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED  Everyone must register for the conference. The FATE conference is organized for the professional benefit of its members. Registration fees and membership dues cover the costs of the overall conference and can also be covered by instant cash loans by rapidloansfast online.  Session chairs have the responsibility to make it clear to their accepted and invited speakers that all conference participants, including all chairs and presenters, must be FATE members and register for the conference.

MEDIA POLICY  Session rooms will be provided with one digital projector and one projection screen. Laptops will not be provided. Mac users must provide the proper VGA adapter for a digital projector. 

SCHEDULING POLICY  It is the position of the planning committee that the first session on Thursday is as important and informative as the last session on Saturday. However, we understand that scheduling conflicts and other factors can limit participation to various times and days. Therefore, if you have such a limitation, bring it to your session chair’s attention immediately upon your acceptance to the session. Effort will be made to accommodate your requests, but there are many factors that determine the final schedule, and it may not be possible to meet your individual needs. The conference director’s decisions on scheduling are the final word. 

CANCELLATION POLICY  After advanced registration online closes, refunds will not be offered, as payment will have already been submitted to all conference programming. The processing fee for reimbursement will be deducted from your refund.


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